Our company has expertise on predictive analytics in the IoT domain. We perform research on top of data collected by numerous IoT devices. We design and apply forecasting and machine learning algorithms for the management of IoT devices and the collected data. Our solutions aim to deliver analytics for efficient business decision making.
Bi2S’s predictive algorithms calculate the expected data on top of the collected information retrieved by the IoT devices. This way, changes and alternative parameters can be easily identified. The final outcome is accurate predictions for realizing multiple decision opportunities. Our research focus on the selection of the optimal solutions to fit into the underlying data and the set of pre-defined goals.

Large scale data are useless without the appropriate management. We provide research and innovation on top of the large scale data through the identification of patterns and trends. Our models aim to create knowledge from the collected data. We focus on every type of data ranging from data related to the IoT devices and their performance to data collected by the IoT devices from their environment and users. We rely on Cloud solutions to automate ingestions and analyze huge volumes of data. Our Cloud based analytics model adopts machine learning algorithms to forecast trends and optimization techniques to support efficient decisions.

Bi2S supports solutions for preparing the data to be subject of processing. For instance, we support data cleaning and other preparation methods such as missing value imputation, outliers management, etc. The data are prepared in the most efficient way to be processed by our algorithms. We aim to minimize side effects that may affect the quality of data. We improve data quality through as we secure their accuracy and consistency across multiple data sources. Our algorithms are capable of managing the heterogeneity of the data sources to provide a common view. This way, we alleviate the manual work necessary for preparing the data and setup the basis for delivering intelligent analytics. We

Our Cloud based platform supports, among others, the provision of monitoring activities. Monitoring is related to the IoT devices themselves (performance issues, etc) as well as the collected data. We provide software solutions for monitoring of Cloud connected devices and support remote diagnostics. Alerts are fired for a range of events related to the devices and the knowledge delivered in the Cloud system. Knowledge is related to the identification of events according to the domain under consideration. In many cases, our analysis module can provide recommendations to perform the upcoming, optimal steps for delivering intelligent analytics and mitigation plans. Mitigation plans focus on the management of any event that may be fired during the IoT devices functioning.

Another aspect of our research is the management of the heterogeneity of multiple devices / data sources. For this, we rely on the semantic management of the resources and the collected data. Our models aim to provide a unified view on multiple resources setting up the basis for the creation of services in the upper layers.

Our algorithms can be adopted in various applications domains like: Smart Cities, Smart Agriculture, Smart Education Systems, Smart Transportations, Smart health and others.