BI2S is a start-up company established in Cyprus working on big data and predictive analytics in the IoT domain. Our aim is to transform innovative ideas into practical solutions. Taking into account the value of data, our vision is to support businesses to optimize their operation by introducing intelligence and raising alarms when necessary.

Our team mainly consists of experienced engineers with a strong scientific background on algorithms, machine learning, data management, semantics etc. This allows us to have a better understanding of new technologies and innovative techniques and adapt our solutions to several application domains such as agriculture, health, education, transportation etc.

Our value proposition lies into the following three pillars:

Consulting Services

Working eye to eye with our clients, we help them make the right technological decisions and create a powerful business technology roadmap by providing them advices on advanced systems and tools.

B2B Software Solutions

Our B2B solutions are based on innovative data analytics and machine learning algorithms as well as on novel technologies able to adapt to multiple sectors such as health, agriculture, transportation etc. Our products are aiming to improve business performance through intelligence.

Research and Innovation

We heavily invest on research in order to increase our awareness on advanced techniques and innovative solution and be prepared to meet our clients’ needs and challenges. Our experts have a long experience in R&I projects working with leading companies and academic institutions.